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地质科学  1980, Vol. 15 Issue (2): 142-155    DOI:
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邓万明1, 刘关键1, 文世宣2, 蒋忠惕3, 张知非4
1. 中国科学院地质所;
2. 南京古生物所;
3. 西藏地质局;
4. 北京大学
Deng Wanming1, Liu Guanjian1
1. Institute of Geology, Academia Sinica;
2. Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology. Academia Sinica;
3. Xizang Geological Bureau;
4. Department of Geology, Peking University
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In 1976 Chinese scientific workers for the first time conducted comprehensive multi-disciplinary investigation in Qiangtang Plateau, North Xizang. In this paper a wealth of first-hand materials of geology for various fields of study at a district of great altitude from the Sewa region of Bangoin County in the south to the Kala-mulun Pass of Mt. Kunlunshan in the north is sumed up.The oldest deposits with fossil evidence that were found up to date in North Xizang fault block can be placed in Permian. And their underlying basement meta-morphic rocks were exposed over a vast area along a series of thrust forming cores of big snow mountains. The coal-bearing Upper Permian, Middle and Lower Trias-sic deposits distributed nearby the region Mayi Gangri are continuous in sedimentation. The Upper Triassi strata represent the western expansion of Tumain Group along the south slope of Tanggulashan. The paleontological contents of P2-T1-2 in this area are comparable with that of South China, especially with the fossil-assemblages usually appeared in Southwest China, showing that both North Xizang fault block and South China being one geological unit at that time, West of Kangro Caka even very rare species such like Ammonoidea, Arthaberites were found. Here Jurassic strata, being mainly of shallow-sea deposits, are widely distributed. From fossils and lithological characters they are equivalent to the Yanshiping group. The discovery of Bajocian stage of early Mid-Jurassic seems to be remarkable. The Cretaceous and Tertiary strata are mostly continental elastics.The magmatic rocks are less developed in the North Xizang fault block. They are distinctively of the platformal type, being characterized by limited rock bodies and scattered in distribution. This paper also described the occurrence and petrographic features of representative particular rock bodies. It is disclosed that peralkalic lava with well preserved flow structures occurred within this fault blocks (for instance Bamaoqiongzong block) while on the south flank of Kunlunshan along the north boundary of this block there are rocks of the calc-alkaline volcanic rock association. They are Quaternary in age, and being related genetically with the EW-trending regional neotectonic faulting. It is suggested that south of Bamaoqiongzong the ages of igneous activities became progressively older southward.The basic tectonic model of this block has a east-west trend, but NE trending faults were existed inside the blocks. The mosaic of several blocks confined by oblique and striking faults are considered as the basic tectonic characteristics. Finally, in the light of the foregoing statement the division of the tectono-lithofacies zones is proposed herein.

Key words:   
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